Ben Lindsay
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June 21, 2019
November 12, 2020

STAND was my first real crack at a company. We (I had a co-founder called Emma) were trying to make smart jewellery for safety.

Our product Noti, was a smart necklace that would share the user's location and send a text to a network of 'safe contacts' if they found themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

We were super green when we started STAND and definitely did a lot of things wrong. But in the year and a half that we were working on it I learned more than at any other time in my life! Ultimately there were too many problems with what we were trying to do, founder fit, market size, hardware just, and generally being slow to name a few, so we decided to shut it down and move on. You can read about what I'm doing now here.

I'll always have a sweet spot for STAND and I really enjoyed working on it, but most importantly it taught me a bunch of tough lessons that I'll hopefully probably maybe never forget!


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