Machinery Partner

Ben Lindsay
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January 4, 2021

Machinery Partner is the first managed marketplace for new heavy machinery. We're also working on a lifecycle tracking system to help customers track the service and repair of their machines. I work here as a marketer, mainly focusing on growth and lead gen. It's a really fun role, great people, great idea, lots of money being thrown around.

I started working for Machinery Partner after I was approached by its founder Ciaran. I'd known Ciaran for almost 2 years before this. In fact, I first met him around the time Emma and I started STAND. He had a different founding team then, a different business model, no money! Over the time that I've known him, I have watched him push and struggle harder than probably anyone I know. He has tried everything and adapted to survive. Finally, in the last six months it's really been paying off; he's now piloting a rocket ship.

It was an easy decision to follow Ciaran. Aside from being a great founder and very good craic, he's struck on something that's going to make a lot of money. I'm not the only person that thinks so. He's been backed by Techstars and some others with significant $$.

It's going to be a fun ride at Machinery Partner. I'm looking forward to what the future holds.


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