Hello world

Ben Lindsay
February 27, 2021

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 70% of the the useful information that I have learned has come from the internet. I’m never not in a youtube hole or sprawling through blog posts and forums for nuggets of information. The web truly is an amazing resource that has enabled a huge democritisation of information, and I love it!

However, historically, I’ve been pretty terrible at adding to this resource; I’ve been much more of a taker rather than a giver. BUT I have also been pretty good at recording information about the things I learn. More recently Notion has become my favourite tool to act as my ‘second brain’ and store results or learnings from experiments and the things I make. I even use it to store recipes and shopping lists......okay I’m a little bit of a Notion nerd.....

So I’ve decided it’s about time I start to share the love, and knowledge, from the many things I’ve done wrong and the few I’ve done right in my life so far. This post is intended to be the start of my ‘internet give backer’ career, and hopefully I can go a little way to helping some other people the way the internet has helped me 🙏

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