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Don't waste $$ and time trying to make your ads work. Get the data you need quickly with the ultimate facebook ad testing handbook, compiled of learnings from $18,500 of ad spend.
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Facebook ad testing handbook - Test your ideas quickly and accurately with this handbook | Product Hunt
Have you ever wondered whether you could use Facebook advertising to grow your startup?

Around this time last year, I did. What I found is that you definitely can use them to propel your growth, just not in the way you may think...

Paid advertising is a difficult channel to make money through; it can be really difficult to scale while keeping costs down. But as a research tool it is unbeaten, with instant access to large and infinitely customisable audiences you can collect a gold mine of information from.

For the last 12 months I've been perfecting a system to streamline my Facebook advertising research using tools like typeform, zapier, and coda to automatically build a resource of signups, and actionable customer information.

This has helped me refine my messaging and really figure out the pain points I'm trying to solve. I've used this system on multiple projects and it works universally.

And that's how this handbook was born. I've collected the all of the lessons and tactics I've learned spending over $18,500 on Facebook ads for you, so you can increase your signups, and learn about your customers.

I've put together this handbook as a cloneable Notion document and downloadable pdf. Open, read, implement, repeat. Super simple.

Right now I'm putting this resource together, so I'm offering a very small number of pre-orders at a heavily discounted price (save $40) until January 8th when the handbook will launch.
Ben Lindsay
Founder, Maker, Marketer
Superhuman is the fastest email app I've ever seen. It's about time.
Chris Murphy
Founder The School of Design
The insights I got from the handbook were fantastic, it saved me a lot of time and money. It was also great because I felt it took me from a complete beginner to knowing what I was doing
Laura Bernal
Co-Founder NetMinds
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